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City Games Rotterdam

Would you like to organize a city game in Rotterdam? Below an overview of all city activities is provided. 

iPad City Game
The iPad plays a central role in this event and with our unique app it will take you and your team on an unforgettable adventure through Rotterdam.
Escape The City Rotterdam
Escape The City Rotterdam Imagine….its the year 2080 and Rotterdam is coverd by a large dome. Nobody can leave or enter the city. Life inside the dome is tough. For the first time in 30 years, you and your friends have the opportunity to escape the city!
City Dropping Rotterdam
Discover Rotterdam during this fun interactive event. Using GPS or our Be Route App and completing various challenges, your team has to find their way through the city
iPad Euromast Park Game
Experence Rotterdam with our exciting game in and around the parc of the Euromast
Water Escape Code Red
Escape Rotterdam, Code Red. A virus threatens Rotterdam, can your team save the day? Fast paced and action packed event in the heart of Rotterdam.
Robinson City Event
A teambuilding event in Rotterdam which requires team tactics, insight, speed and a lot of fun. Normally played on a beach or an uninhabited Island, now you can play this fun teambuilding event in Rotterdam.
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Food and Beverage arrangements available on all locations.