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Air Crash Investigation - Wings Hotel

Description Air Crash Investigation

A new and exciting event at our unique location in our aircraft hangar at the Hague / Rotterdam airport.

The wreckage of flight World Wings 55 has been found in the jungle on the island of Borneo. This aircraft was lost soon after taking off in 1959. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of flight 55 has never been solved! Were there any survivors at the time? Did the plane crash? What clues are there to explain the sudden disappearance? Each team represents a different country which have sent Air Crash Investigation teams to help solve the mystery of Flight 55. All known information pertaining to this flight has been spread out over 5 research stations in the airport hangar. Each research station examines a different area;

  1. The wreckage
  2. Navigation, weather and satellite photo’s
  3. Human factors
  4. Black box voice recorder
  5. Flight Simulator

At the last research station “Flight simulator” you and your team will recreate the last moments of flight 55 on an actual flight simulator. Once all the rounds have been completed it is time to come to a conclusion as to what happened to Word Wings flight 55? The ACI team which comes closest to solving this case will win the teambuilding event Air Crash Investigation.

The Air Crash Investigation is an exciting teambuilding event where all the team members expertise is required to solve this mystery.

An ideal activity to combine with a business meeting package or a barbeque with friends at the World Wings hotel. Enjoy the excellent facilities on offer at the World Wings Hotel.

Programm Example

  • Meeting andor lunch (optional)
  • Introduction film, event briefing and team selections
  • Air Crash Investigation 5 area's
  • Conclusions
  • End of event with a prize giving
  • Drinks and or a barbecue (optional)


1,5 uur


  • Aircraft hangar World Wings Hotel  | Airport Rotterdam The Hague


Prices starting at

Air Crash Investigation Wings Hotel from 25 persons € 42,50 p.p.*

This event is always in combination with at least one of the following catering options at the World hotel Wings Rotterdam:

  • Drinks arrangement
  • Meeting facilities
  • Lunch
  • Diner

Costs extensions

Catering arrangements on request.


Whole year round

Offer request


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